Do you Really Know What’s In Your Face Wash?

Today’s post is quite a serious topic. I will be talking about what may be in your face wash and how and why YOU could be contributing to water pollution.

Today I read an article from Upworthy explaining what could be in your face wash, toothpaste, body wash and other cosmetics.

As we all know water and sea pollution is a big problem at the moment. I have a bit of information on how you could make a big difference and help change the pollution problem for healthier, cleaner lives, not only for sea life but for humans like you and me as well.

I want you to go into your bathroom and take your toothpaste, face wash and/or exfoliater, body wash and other cosmetics. Now look at their ingredients, do they include any of the following:

~ Polyethylene

~ Polypropylene

~ Polyethylene Terephthalate

~ Polymethyl Methacrylate

If yes, than you are contributing to water and sea pollution. Now before I tell you anything more put the items that contain any of those toxic ingredients in the bin, but DON’T put any of the contents down the drain.

Now I’ll explain what these ingredients are and why they are so toxic.

These names that I have listed are what give your beauty and cosmetic products their texture. The so called ‘beads’ are little tiny bits of plastic that companies put in their products to make your wash or scrub have a nice texture. They specifically use these because they are more economic than using something natural like crushed fruit seeds. Now, these ingredients don’t just harm your skin and body they harm the environment to. When you wash your face or body anything that was on it goes through the drain and then to a filter plant. But because micro-beads are so small, like literally smaller than a grain of sand they slip through the filtration plant and into our rivers, lakes and sea. But here’s the part that will shock you the most, once the beads are in the water small fish may eat or swallow them, then a bigger fish might come along and eat that smaller fish, and that bigger fish, well he might be on your dinner plate right now! How’s that for a life cycle!

So I ask that next time your buying a face scrub or other cosmetics that you check the ingredients and make sure you won’t fall into the trap that is killing our environment.

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