Refugee Crisis

At the moment in our world there is a crisis, but this crisis doesn’t just have effect on one country, it has effect on our world. The world that we live in, the world that we call home.

The crisis is of the refugees coming from different countries. Like Syria, Iran and Africa, just to mention a few.

Thankfully some people are humane enough to give people a life, a life that they deserve. If you’d like to boost your faith in humanity than have a look at this post from Upworthy .

The refugees sell all or their possessions to people, then try to escape their country and come across on dodgy, crowded, un-hygienic boats. Some even come across on row boats, yeah like something we would use on Lake Burley Griffin.

Image result for refugees on a boat

In my opinion, every human being deserves a life, a second chance. These people just want a normal life, the just want to live in peace. But something called war stops them.

To me, war doesn’t make sense, if you want to shoot and bomb places just buy a xBox and play COD. War is stupid, you will never win, it’s not like snakes and ladders. Part of some religions is that you cannot hurt anyone, however if someone hurts you you’re allowed to fight back. But just because someone starts something it doesn’t mean it’s right to do it back. People usually do silly things like shooting or fighting because something has happened to them. That person may have recently had a family member pass away, whether it be their brother or sister, mother of father, aunty or uncle, grandpa or grandpa and maybe even their pet.

You can help, even if your deed is small. I know that I will be donating some clothes and personal hygiene products, and I’m sure you can spare a few dollars as well.

Our goal is to have a refugee friendly, war free world. If we all do our part, maybe we could achieve that. And remember every bit counts.


Until the next post,


( The image was found on Google images, here’s the link, )


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