Planning My 11th Birthday Party, Pt. 1

Hip hip hooray! It’s nearly my birthday!

This Monday is my 11th Birthday 🙂 To celebrate, I will go out for dinner and then have a party with some friends on the weekend. So this post is dedicated to the pros and cons of planning a party! Pt 2. will be posted in two weeks time after the actual party has been hosted! So let’s get started:)


~ You get the freedom to organize what you like, but if you were going to a place like FlipOut for example you’re not as involved in the planning

~ It’s fun! I honestly enjoy preparing food and decorations, but I know some people don’t;)


~ It can be costly

Now since my list is a little small I’ll write a short paragraph about how planning is going at this stage.

So far its going well. I have decided what food there will be and am on my way to deciding on games. Invitations have been handed out. So all in all its going well, I think. What are your essentials for a party? I’m open to suggestions!

Until the next post,


(The image was found on google images. Here’s the link, )


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