Hey guys, sorry this post is up late. I was very busy with school and homework and completely forgot to put my post up. But in someways it’s good that I forgot to put the post up, I can tell you about Halloween!

Pt. 1 – The decorations 

Let’s start off with the decorations, I just printed some Halloween things from the Internet and taped or hung them from the balcony. The only thing that wasn’t a print out was the ghost “wreath” which was made from a paper bag, tape, paper and a plastic plate. Here are the photos:
Our “vomiting” pumpkin 

Watch out for the ghosts!

Oh no! Here’s the triple threat, bats, ghosts and a witch!

And a rat! 
So tell me what you think of my decorations?

Pt. 2 –  Trick or Treating

This year I went trick or treating or as the Italians say, ” dolcetto o scherzetto “. I was dressed as a devil complete with horns, the only thing missing was the fork… is that the right word?

 I went with three friends, one of the friend’s mums and a friend’s little sister.In total I would say we got close to 300 lollies and maybe a kilo in weight. Here’s a couple of photos of my lolly carrier,

I hope you enjoyed this (late) post and am wishing you a belated Happy Halloween! 

Until the next post,



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