Preparing to go back to Australia

Wow! So next week I will be back home! These past few days Mum, Dad and I have started to pack.

I am taking back a lot of summer clothing that won’t fit me next year, but that I can wear one more time in Australia as it will be hot!… hopefully🙂

So whilst thinking about everything I have to do and need to pack, I have made a list of the top 5 things you need to take as carry on for an international flight! I hope you enjoy it! 

1. A small hand and or face moisturiser. The air conditioning on a plane is very harsh on our skin

2. One or two packets of tissues, again the air conditioning is harsh and it’s likely for it to give you a cold

3. A book. Sometimes while we’re on the plane we don’t want to just watch movies so a book or two😉 is the perfect option

4. A neck pillow. Sure the flight attendants might give you a flimsy one, but trust me… that’s no where near enough

5. Lollies! Sometimes we feel like a snack but don’t know when the air hostess will come, soooo lollies are perfect! Sucking on lollies helps to equalise the pressure in your ears too
I hope you enjoyed this post and that it helps for your next big flight. 

My next post will be in 9 days instead of 7 because I would like to post from Australia and tell you about my flight☺️

Until the next ( Aussie) post,


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