In honour of Alan rickman

 Today (yesterday for you reading this) one of the worlds greatest people passed away. Alan Rickman was more than just an actor. He left a mark.. 

I know him best from the Harry Potter series, although he played role in many other movies. 

He was amazing, and still is. He was exactly what Severus Snape was like in the books, he played the role perfectly. I will never forget when he is filling in the DADA (defence against the dark arts) class and says to the children “turn to page 394”. 

Right about now you’re probably thinking, “what did he die from?!”. He died from cancer. The thing that kills a lot of people and animals. My great uncle recently passed away from cancer. I know at least three women that have had breast cancer, but have thankfully been okay.

In Australia, 1 in two men will be diagnosed with some sort of cancer and 1 in three women by the age of 85. Cancer is also a leading death cause in Australia. More than 43000 people passed away from it in 2012. 

Please keep everyone in your prayers, especially any loved ones that have passed away. 

R.I.P Alan Rickman, you will be in our hearts forever… always. 

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