Day out in the bush

On Sunday Dad and I went out to the big area of bush called Campo dei Fiori.

We wandered around for a few hours and looked at all the leaves and trees.
I just liked this part. It was as if we’d gone back in time by a hundred (that’s probably an exaggeration) years. I especially liked the old Shell petrol tin

An old barn

One of the views

Me sitting on a log

This looks like a storm is coming.. in real life it didn’t rain but there was a lot of wind 

The view of the trees:)

A house in the middle of the bush

A foot pic…. just because. It almost looks like a drawing (it’s not:p)

This looks like a pretty stupid photo, but in actual fact it’s quite cool. It’s a tiny little creek that has frozen a bit. The prints in the soil are from deer

A frozen “laghetto”, little lake

I hope you enjoyed todays blog post and maybe interests you to come back to my blog tommorrow to see my next post!
Until the next post,



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