My Favourite Youtubers

Hey guys!

I’m really, really annoyed because I forgot to post yesterday:( So to make up for it I am putting up two posts today.


So anyway…. I’m going to tell you about my five favourite Yotubers!


Zoe is just amazing. She’s a person that I really look up to and am inspired by. Zoe does lots of make-up and beauty videos but also does vlogs and has a blog. Also she is so so close to 10 000 000 subscribers!! And on top of all the things that she has achieved she also has written two books, Girl Online and Girl Online: On Tour, which you can read about in this post.


Joe is Zoe’s sister but I don’t love his channels just because of that:) He is really funny and creative, and makes hilarious videos and hilarious vlogs! He is also a really good drawer, I decided that after watching his Draw My Life video.


Sarai is an Youtuber and vlogger. She makes lots of beauty and style videos, similar to Zoe.. She has just under 2.5 million subscribers. She makes very cool morning routine, hauls and expectation vs. reality videos:)


  • The Saccone-Jolys (Anna and Jonathan Saccone-Joly and their two extremely cute kids Amelia and Eduardo)

Anna and Jonathan vlog their lives every single day. Their vlogs are absolutely hilarious and extremely cute. They upload to their channel daily. They also have nearly 1.5 million subscribers.


Louise has a main channel and a vlog channel. She is best friends with Zoe. She has a gorgeous four year old daughter named Darcy who is soooo cute:)







I hope you enjoyed this post:) Let me know who your favourite Youtubers are in the comments!


Until the next post,









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