how to clean your room/dump area

My Mum gets back from Australia tommorrow, so Dad and I have done a fair bit of cleaning this morning.  

I had the job of cleaning my room😖 But I did it🙌 So I decided to do a how to clean your room blog post today!

Now I warn you, what my room looked like may scare you… But you’ll be amazed with the difference once you see the after pics.

When you stood at the door this is what it looked like.
To the right of the door
Near my bed

My mini dump, it’s actually a shelf 
All my books looking like they’d been shot out of a cannon, and arriving on my floor
All the clothes that had been on the floor, bare in mind that those are ALL clean

So I started by taking off any posters or stickers that were on my wall that I didn’t like or want anymore and threw them in the bin.

Next I picked up all of the clothes that were on the floor and threw them into a basket.

After that whilst listening to my Spotify playlist I just cleaned bit by bit. After about an hour I was nearly finished🙉

I and I’m sure many other people’s problem is “keeping” the room clean, not the actual cleaning.

So now that you know my tips lets get onto the after photos🦄
The view from my door
To the right of my door
Charging station
Bookshelf (the Masha and the Bear and Peppa Pig books were when I had just started learning Italian and I read those to help)
I hope you enjoyed this post and that it helped you a bit. What are your tips to clean your room? Be sure to let me know in the comments below:)
Until the next post,



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