How to make money as a kid

Hey guys! 

If you’re like me you probably want a MacBook, a camera, a tripod *list continues*, but you have no money. Well I am here to save the day:) Here are my top five ideas to make money!

  • Do chores in the house. If your doing a good job you might be lucky enough to get 3.50 euro a day, that’s just under 25 euro a week, about 98 euro a month and 1176 euro a year! Enough to buy a MacBook!
  • Bake things and sell them to family or friends. On the weekends, or even during the week if you’ve got some spare time you could bake a chocolate cake or two and sell them to friends or family. You could sell them for about 4 euro a cake, and earn about 384 euro a year.
  • Clean your room regularly. My parents used to pay me 5 euro a week when I kept my room clean (through out the whole week), unfortunately it didn’t last to long because I forgot to clean my room.
  • Weeding. Whenever I stay at my grandparent’s house during the summer I help them out in the garden. I pick some roses for them and pull out some weeds and Grandpa usually gives me about 2 dollars a day… not bad for a kid. 
  • Walking dogs. If you or friends have dogs that need some exercise then you might like to do this. My sister got payed about $20-30 a week to walk a neighbours dog. 

I hope that you enjoyed today’s money making postπŸ’Ά What are your favourite ways to make money? Let me know in the comments:)
Until the next post,

Lucia x


6 thoughts on “How to make money as a kid

  1. franche says:

    great post. my favorite ways to earn money are walking dogs (i get $25 a week), checking mail and watering ( about $10 a week for a five minute job!). i have heard that babysitting earns alot of money, so when im old enough i want to do that!

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  2. Maria Murphy says:

    Luci, you are a budding entrepreneur! But don’t give my kids any ideas!!!! I make my kids do all of this stuff with no payment – what a mean Mummy! I did tell Jack I’d give him $1.00 for each window panel he cleaned…..but he gave up after the first panel πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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