My daily routine

Hey guys:) Today’s post is a ‘daily routine’. Basically, I’ll explain what I do in an average day! I hope you enjoy it:p

I wake up at about 6.55am  but I always have my alarm set for 7.20am, so I’m sure I won’t sleep in. 

I get out of bed at about 7.25am. I go and turn on the light in my parents’ room  to wake them up, otherwise they’ll sleep for eternity;) I then head into the bathroom.

I brush my teeth, and then wash my face with a gentle cleanser. After that I do my hair.

Then I go into my room and put on my Spotify playlist to make sure I’m feeling as bright as I can at that time of the day. I get dressed and then head downstairs.

I then have some breakfast and a juice (if we’ve got it). For breakfast I usually have cereal or porridge. 

I then put my watch on and head back upstairs. I brush my teeth quickly again. 

Then I pack my bag for school really quickly and grab my coat. I then leave.

I then go to school until 12.50pm and come home for lunch. After lunch, I have to go back to school if it’s Monday, Tuesday or Thursday…. but if it’s Wednesday or Friday I get to stay home:)

On a long day (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday), I go back to school from about 2.10pm til 4.40pm. Then school’s finished for the day!

On a short day I usually hang around the house for the rest of the day.. I do multiple things like writing, drawing or going on my iPad. But if it’s Wednesday I have to walk into town to have my Italian lesson. 

I have dinner anytime ranging from 7.30pm-8.30ish. After dinner I have some fruit or maybe some ice cream if we have it. 

After that I usually hang around downstairs for about 15 minutes and then go upstairs to get ready for bed.

I put on my P.Js and then go do my teeth, brush my hair and wash my face. 

Then I hop into bed and might read a book or magazine, and then 💤💤💤💤💤💤.

I hope you enjoyed today’s post:) Any blog post suggestions would be appreciated:) My brain is quite worn out from school;)

Until the next post,



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