Culinary fails!

Hey guys:) Today I have three quite hilarious stories from the kitchen for you!! I hope you enjoy them:p

Quite a few years ago my Grandpa was cooking a Thai fish dish. The recipe used a can of coconut milk, but he didn’t have it in the pantry.. So he thought he could substitute it for a can of condensed milk……. luckily I wasn’t there to taste it😂

About a week ago my Mum was making couscous to eat with the morrocan chicken, instead of rice. She was making it on the stove, and was just about to pour rum in when I asked her what she was doing! She thought it was the olive oil🙊

I was making a chocolate pudding in the microwave at my cousins house. It was an older microwave so I wasn’t an expert on how to use it. The dial on it was from 0 to 60, I thought that meant seconds…. so I put my pudding in the microwave and turned the dial onto 60. After about 10 minutes we realised the microwave hadn’t made the ‘ding’ sound; turn’s out that I hadn’t put it in for 60 seconds, I’d put it in for 60 minutes🤗

Do you have any culinary fails? Let me know in the comments:)
Until the next post,


(This was meant to go live on the 31st)


4 thoughts on “Culinary fails!

  1. franche says:

    one of my fails was when we just go a new oven, so i dident know how to use. i was baking a cake but the setting was on grill!!! i ended up with a grilled cake:(

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