Can dogs think?

Today’s post is sort of controversial. 

I’m going to discuss my reasoning in why I believe dogs can think and have a memory. There may not be any ‘scientific’ proof, but I think we all realise dogs have a brain too. 

I’m going to give you two scenarios and explain how I know the dogs are thinking.
Scenario 1: 

At your house you have stairs. Your dog wants to get down the stairs. Before going down them, he thinks about what he has to do. After a while this becomes normal and he doesn’t think, as such…. because he already THOUGHT about it when he was learning to go down the stairs. 

Scenario 2: 

You are going to take your dog on a walk. You go outside to him with his lead and harness. You say ‘walk time’ or ‘do you want to go on a walkies’. He understands you because of two reasons, and shows you he understands by many. In his head, or I should say his brain he is thinking. He is thinking about the tone of voice that you are using, and he is remembering  what occured the last time you said that word or phrase. He shows you that he understands by barking, jumping on you, licking you and wagging his tail.

Everyone has their own opinion and this is mine. I have reasons and proof for why I believe that dogs think. I have put myself in different scenarios and been able to work out how dogs think. Dogs also have a memory. I can tell you this with no doubt. When I went back to Australia in November I saw my two gorgeous dogs, Lucky and Abby. When I went outside to see them they were so excited. They, using their memory… remembered my smell, my voice and maybe even what I looked like.
I’ll leave the word for you. Let me know in the comments.

Until the next post,



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