Meet Ginny!

Meet my guinea pig, Ginny! Ginny is an Abyssian guinea pig. I haven’t owned Ginny since she was a baby. Before me she lived with a Danish family.  


Ginny lives a pretty good life. She always has fresh hay, veggies and water. I give her dry food every second day. 


Ginny lives in a massive cage because she used to have a guinea pig friend, but her friend passed away a few years before I got her.

Ginny sleeps in a little wooden ‘house’. She is quite a timid guinea pig, so she enjoys hiding in there as well as sleeping.



In the morning once I am dressed, have washed my face and brushed my hair I go downstairs and lift the towel off Ginny’s cage. 

I then proceed to feed her; I give her fresh hay and veggies/fruit everyday and dry ‘pellet’ food every second day. I also fill up her water bottle if it’s nearly empty. 

During my lunch break which is from 12.50-14.10, I give her a cuddle and sit with her. I usually go on my iPad or read whilst she sits with me.

Before bed, around 21.00 I give her another cuddle and then usually get ready for bed. I try and hold her at least twice a day so that she understands we won’t hurt her and that she doesn’t need to be shy around us.

We (my mum, dad or I) clean her cage every one and a half – two weeks.

I hope you enjoyed today’s post and that you learnt something new about caring for guinea pigs!

Until the next post,


(I’m sorry the photos are pretty bad. I still need to get a proper camera☹️)


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