How I study for school

Hey guys! Today I’m going to be showing you how I study for school; basically I’ll show you how I set up my homework and how I get through the giant pile of it! Enjoy:)

Essentials for doing my homework are:

  • My pencil case
  • My school diary
  • My workbook
  • My textbooks
  • A glass of water 

Before starting, I like to set out everything neatly. It makes me one percent happy abut having to do homework:)


I then get out everything that I’ll need from my pencil case. Usually I get a led pencil, eraser, pens, a highlighter and a ruler.


Then I open my textbook and read the pages that I have to study in my head three or four times. I like to underline and circle the most important phrases or words, and sometimes I will put the English word next to an Italian word if I think I won’t remember what it means.


I’m then ready to get interrogated by my science teacher! 
I think the most important thing about studying is that you have to understand the topic properly, if you don’t understand the topic than there is no way your going to learn anything!
I hope you enjoyed today’s post and that it helped you out! What are your favourite methods for studying? Let me know in the comments:)
Until the next post,



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