An A-M of my favourite things

Hey guys:) I came up with this post idea on Saturday. I was thinking about how I could share what I love, with you in a creative way and this came to me! So today’s post is an A-M of my favourite things:) Enjoy!

A: A for Amsterdam. Amsterdam is an amazing city. It has such an an awesome and groovy vibe. It also shows history and natural beauty throughout the city. The only downer would be the red light district which we accidentally walked into🙊

B: B for beauty. Beauty of animals, of humans, of nature…. I could write a whole blog post on how stunning nature is! I also love beauty products from places like Lush💋

C: C for camels. Camels are AWESOME! I rode one in Abu Dhabi in the dunes last year. The scariest part is definitely getting off, because the camel bends its front legs down and you feel like falling🐪

D: D for dancing. I don’t dance myself but I really like watching it. My favourite styles of dancing are lyrical and contemporary. I like it because it expresses emotions in movements, and not words💃

E: E for experiments. I love doing experiments, even if I don’t do them often. I like experiments of all kinds, but I especially like experiments where you gradually get to see change in it, for example the egg in vinegar experiment⚡️

F: F for food. I love making food, I love eating food. I really like tasting new foods. I have quite a strange pallet for a kid. I love olives, truffles and spices🍽

G: G is for giraffes. Giraffes are sick as:) They are sooo tall! A couple of years ago I was lucky enough to feed a giraffe and it was so cool! They have a purple tongue and curl it over their food👅

H: H is for happiness. It’s a given but I love being around happy people. People who aren’t happy don’t give off a positive vibe, and positivity is one of the things that the world is missing today☀️

I: I is for insects. I love insects! I love finding ladybugs and keeping them as pets for a day, or finding beautiful butterflies resting on rose stems…🐞

J: J is jewellery. I love jewellery. I like how it can show what you are feeling. I also just really like wearing earrings, bracelets and necklaces💍

K: K is for kookaburras. Kookaburras are an awesome Australian bird that you will be sure to see, if not hear in the bush. They make a really cool sound, which is easily identifiable🕊

L: L is for looking. One of my favourite things to do in Australia, is to go out in to the bush which is about 25 minutes away from my home and go looking at the wildlife and nature. We always have a dip in the river and manage to find about a million lizards and birds🐨

M: M is for magic. My grandfather is really good at doing magic tricks and I sort of started from  there. I know lots of tricks and I especially like card tricks 🎩 
I hope you enjoyed today’s post and that you learnt something new about me:)

See you on Friday! 
Until the next post,



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