Answers from mars

Helllo friends:)

Sometimes, I like to come up with bizarre theorys and ideas… such as the ‘wike’ which me and my best friend Madelyn made for a school project. For those of you that wondered, a ‘wike’ is a water bike. 

Anyway, a few weeks ago I had a theory. My theory is about war, smart people and Mars.            It’s a pretty stupid theory but all well. 

I think that it takes a pretty smart person to work out how to get to Mars, and an even smarter person to know that there are a lot of politicians that are making bad decisions about war and refugees. If a person is smart enough to know that war is idiotic and is also smart enough to know how to get to Mars without being killed by an alien, we will find the answer to stop war.

Basically a really smart person will work out how to get to Mars. If they get to Mars, they will find an answer to stop war. It won’t be a physically visible answer, but one that God will verbally tell the really smart person. The person will then come back to Earth, tell everyone how to stop war, and we’ll live in peace forever! 
Do any of you guys ever since think of bizarre ideas or theorys? Have any of them ever worked?

Until the next post,



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