Dear 13 year old self

“Dear me,

Your thirteen now. That’s hard to believe. 

How is high school going? Did you make lots of new friends? What language are you studying? I hope your learning Italian or Japanese! 

Did you come back from Italy in January, or did you leave with Mum and Dad in April? Do you now appreciate the opportunity you had in Italy? Or do you still think of it as an extremely horrible thing to do to an eleven year old?

How are your pets? Are they behaving? Does Lucky still run like the wind?

What about Grandma? I really hope she’s better. If not, maybe take her out for a Yarralumla kebab sometime this week. And Grandpa? Does he still play golf? Does he still do magic tricks for you?

What about your siblings? Did Jeremy ever go to university or is he still a chef? Does Daniel write about sports in newspapers? Is Lauren still a nurse? How about Rhiannon? Is she a qualified dietitian? Are any of your siblings married yet? Are you an aunty?

How tall are you now? You were 147.5 when you were eleven. Have you been to any new countries yet? Did you write a book on the Pola family history? How was Harry Potter and The Cursed Child? Was it worth the money? Oh, did you buy a MacBook? I really hope so!

I hope you still write and have this blog, or another one.. Because you may not think it, but writing will take you to places you could never imagine.

Yours, eleven year old me x”

Until the next post,



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