Small Things Are Just As Important As Us

So today when I was coming home from school, mum said that there was a skink lying outside our apartment, she didn’t know if it was alive or well, dead.

When I first saw the skink, whom I named Freddo I though he was dead, I was 100 percent sure. I scooped him up into my hands and walked down to near school, planning to bury him.

I sat down in front of a gorgeous, mossy tree and gave him mini compressions, I know it sounds stupid but I really care about animals and I also want to be a vet when I’m older. He gave little, minuscule breaths which made me really happy. There was still some sign of hope!

I kept giving him compressions but he wasn’t responding. So I started digging a hole in front of that same tree. I placed some moss in the hole and a bit of grass for it to be comfortable for him. I gently put Freddo into the hole and started to walk back to the apartment.

I arrived at the apartment and gave mum he update. ‘He’s giving tiny breaths but is limp. I’ve half buried him and I’m going back to check on him in five minutes.’ By half buried, I put him on some moss in the hole and covered him with moss but I left his head and neck uncovered.

I went back and he was still lying there, frozen as ice. I picked him up and gave him a few more compressions and shook him very gently. I continued doing that for another twenty minutes. He final opened his mouth and I nearly screamed I was so excited! He did that another three or four times.

But still, he was limp. I placed him back in the hole and didn’t cover him in case he suddenly became alive again and wanted to leave that area. 

Then I came home, and started writing this.

I have three theorys on what caused him to be like that:

  • Freddo may have been bitten or scratched by a cat or other animal. However, the only evidence I have for that is he had no tail, but his ‘rear end’ was quite dry and that he didn’t really have eyes, one of them was completely gone and the other had dried blood on it.
  • He may have been stepped on by a human, like you or me. Again the only evidence I have for that is he didn’t have a tail and his eyes were gone.
  • Freddo may have just been old and tired. 

Until the next post,


We kept Freddo inside our apartment overnight to see if he got better. Unfortunately, he had passed away by morning. I buried him in front of that tree.


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