Lyrics Tag

ยฐHey guys:) Before I start this I wanted to let you know that this post idea came from a new blogger called Helena, you can look at her blog here

Anyway, today’s post is the lyrics tag. To see the questions, click here.

Basically you have to pick an artist, for example Justin Bieber. You then have to answer the questions with lyrics from any of their songs. 

I have picked Taylor Swift.


1. Describe how you feel today

‘I keep cruising. Can’t stop, won’t stop moving’ (Shake it Off)

2. Describe your best friend

‘We’re happy free confused and lonely at the same time. It’s miserable and magical oh yeah’ (22)

3. How many times have you been rejected?

‘Never, ever, ever’ (I Knew You Were Trouble)

4. Tell us the “story of your life”.

‘Cause all I know is we said, “hello”. And your eyes look like coming home’ (Everything Has Changed)

5. What did you do today?

‘I’m dancing on my own. I make the moves as I go. And that’s what they don’t know’ (Shake it Off)

6. What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?

‘I could show you incredible things. Magic, madness, heaven, sin’ (Blank Space)

I hope you enjoyed this post!! I didn’t do all the questions because there were sooo many!

See you on Saturday! 

Until the next post,



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