I’m not complete


This title looks drastic, I know. 

I’ve just finished the first Hunger Games book, and I don’t have the second:( 

Can we just take a moment to be petrified, but really happy by the damn’ amazing creation that is The Hunger games. Seriously, it’s up there with Harry Potter, and I love those books.

It was the first time I’ve read the book and I was addicted from the first sentence. Now that I’ve finished it I don’t know what to do with myself, do homework I suppose *sigh*.

I’ve never read any of  Suzanne’s books, does she have any others? She is an amazing writer from what I’ve seen but seriously, why leave us on ‘I take his hand, holding on tightly, preparing for the cameras, and dreading the moment when I will finally have to let go.’

So many people say the books are really violent and everything, but the first one is nothing, for me anyway. The most gruesome part would probably be either when ‘Foxface’ is nearly about to kill Katniss or when Cato is getting attacked by the mutts. 

Basically, I need the second book and I need it now. I mean, I could get the eBook but it’s just not the same:) 

We went into the centre today and I found a bookshop. It had the Hunger Games, I am complete x

Until the next post,



6 thoughts on “I’m not complete

  1. lucia says:

    Ah, that moment when you finish a book and don’t have its sequel at hand. Then you have that awkward pause in the series because you don’t have the next book. From there you do one of two things A) stay faithful and plot your next library visit or B) forget after time and get sad you never picked up the next book. It is okay from your later posts I seen you picked option A good choice 😉 . This was a really good series but I forgot a lot of stuff. So I might ruin the 3rd book for you. I’ll just keep my mouth shut.

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