Book 2 Finished


I’m incomplete, again. 

I’m currently on the train from Treviso to Milano Centrale writing this blog post. I wouldn’t be writing this except I’ve finished The Hunger Games Catching Fire and the next book is at home. 

I’m a bit confused though. Like is Peeta going to be alive, and where is Katniss? Is she like still pretty unconcisous, or is she dreaming? I’m gonna start book 3 when I get home so I will hopefully understand more about the book than I do now:) 

Also is District Twelve blown up? Like this is the last line of book 2, “Katniss, there is no District Twelve”. 

I am addicted to the Hunger Games now. It’s really infectious, like laughing or yawning;) I’d go as far to say that I like it as much as Harry Potter, even maybe 0.001% more😮

I will let you know when I finish book 3, probs on Friday:)

Until the next post,



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