The Liebster Award Again:)

Hi everyone!

I have already done the Liebster Award, but I was nominated by the lovely Charlotte to do it so I’m taking the opportunity:) Enjoy!

If you could live anywhere in the world, where and why?

Now this is hard. I think I would like to live in a European country, maybe England or Ireland. Although, in saying that, I love my home, Canberra, Australia.

Have you got any upcoming holidays planned?

Yes:) We are going home to Canberra this month for about four weeks to see family. I’ll keep you posted!!

What would be your dream job?

I think I would like to be either a vet or a lawyer. Maybe even a teacher. I’m only eleven though so I’ve got lots of time to think about it.

Tell me about your first memory?

Okay my first memory that I can think of right now is when I was 2 or 3 and I was at my Nanna’s house. I remember her putting me to bed for an afternoon nap but I didn’t want to. I remember she turned all the lights out and put me in the cot and shut the door. I screamed and cried:( P.S, I love my Nan, she’s awesome❤️

Tell me about one of your dreamy and beautiful memories in detail?
Okay, hmmm. I’ve got two, and they both are about my two dogs, Abbie and Lucky. I’ll start with Lucky. I remember the day we got Lucky. We drove out to Woolongong, south of Sydney. It was a pretty horrible car trip, mum nearly vomited and I think we all felt a little bit queasy. When we arrived at the house, oh my god. There were soo many cute puppies! Lucky was named Lucky by the family that owned the parents. He was named this because he was actually quite lucky to survive when he was born. I managed to fish out some photos:)


The second memory isn’t ‘dreamy’ as such but it’s sos thing I’ll rememeber forever. I got to see our newest doggy born:) Lucky, is the father and Macey, a beautiful spoodle is the mother. It was quite interesting to see the birth. Poor Macey had seven pups inside her and was having a bot of trouble giving birth to them so my Dad had to give her some medicine in her leg to start the contractions. Here are some of the photos I found!! 


If money was no object what would you do with it all?

I think I would give a quarter of it to the poor, a quarter to cancer research, a quarter to my family and keep the rest for me. I would probably buy like a Mac and a really good camera. I would also have so so so much fun doing a book spree!!!

Do you believe in love in first sight?

Yes! I loved my dogs the first time I saw them:) With humans, I’m not sure.

Which would you choose, cats or dogs?

Dogs. Full stop. 

Tell me a little about yourself?

My name is Lucia. I’m eleven years old. I have a blog;) I love animals and reading and cooking and writing and creating and playing and being weird, which is basically being me😂

What inspired you to start a blog? (because I’m nosey)

Basically one night we were having dinner at one of my Dad’s work colleagues house. He said I was quite funny and I would do well with having a blog. I started hangoutwithlucia the next day and here I am!

Would you prefer to live in a city rather than the country?

I love the country, don’t get me wrong. But I think I wouldn’t be able to live inn the country for too long. I think I’m more of a city person.

I nominate anyone who wants to do it!

You can either answer the questions that I did, or you can use the questions from the other Liebster tag:)


Until the next post,



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