I’m from district 9 and 3/4

“My name is Horne Oakwell. My patronus is a Mockingjay. I lived in District 9 and 3/4, until the year 2117 came, when I volunteered for my eleven year old sister, Rose Oakweell to go fight in the Arena. 

I survived, but at a cost. Voldemort is after me, along with his death eaters. 

Not one tribute, but two of us survived. Me, and my half fake, half real lover boyfriend, Peeta Mellark. I used a spell against the dementors, expecto patronum. We’re not meant to use our wands, but I couldn’t bring myself to shoot Peeta, not after what he did for me when we were kids.

This year, it’s the elder year. They are putting a twist on the annual Hunger Games, one female and one male past victor must be a tribute for their district. District 9 and 3/4 has only ever had three victors, Haymitch, Peeta and me. That means that there is a 100% chance that I will be a tribute. I’ll be saving Peeta, even if that means sacrificing myself.” 

“Light can be found, when the odds may be ever in your favour” 

                                                                                        (Lucia Roberts)

Until the next post,

Lucia x


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