War and planes

(I wrote this on Friday night)

In 95 and a half hours, I will have boarded an Alitalia plane and will be probably watching Frozen and waiting for my dinner to come☺️ 

So, as you probably already know, we (my mum, dad and I) will be heading back to Australia  this Tuesday night😊 Our itinerary is basically this:                                                   Milan to Abu Dhabi (6h.05min) ~ Abu Dhabi to Melbourne (13h.30min) ~ Melbourne to Canberra (1h.30min).

It’s such a long flight! But when you think about it, it’s not really that long at all to get across half the world! To put it into perspective:

  • We will be travelling 16469Km
  • We will cross the equator
  • We will cross the Indian Ocean
  • We will fly over war zones
  • And cross various European and middle eastern countries 
  • All of that in 21 hours and 5 minutes!

All of that in 21 hours!

If any of you were wondering, we fly Etihad Airways. I really like that airline. They make you feel very safe and secure and the flight attendants are just lovely!! They’re very helpful and respectful. Once I was queuing to got to the bathroom, and one of the flight attendants offered me some of her chips, as if I was a friend☺️ 

The first time I flew from Australia to the U.A.E it was quite scary. I mean, you’re crossing over the Indian Ocean, and at any moment the plane could crash and you’d be dead forever. Of course, that didn’t happen, otherwise I wouldn’t be here writing this😂 It’s also quite strange to cross over countries like Iraq and Iran, and know that if the plane happened to land there, we’d probably be shot or bombed by I.S.I.S. It’s really sad, that today, in the 21st century, there is still war. I sometimes wonder how our world would be without war. How people would be able to express their opinions, play in the sand, go on a boat for a cruise, and not worry that they’re probably going to be sent to a detention centre. 

In fact, it’s a shame that being involved in crimes and war and killing, isn’t taboo. Like the word Voldemort used to be. 

I mean families and people only fleed from their countries because in their circumstances, land is more dangerous than water. That fact is horrible. I can’t possibly imagine how awful it must be to witness the killing of other people, and possibly family or friends, and then get to a country such as Australia and basically being told, ‘We don’t want you here. You don’t belong. You’re being sent to Nauru’.

I think that sometimes people underestimate the power of words. ‘You don’t belong. You’ve got black skin. You’re Muslim. You don’t believe what I believe. Go somewhere else. We don’t want you. We don’t need you‘.

Maybe today we could all take a minute, even thirty seconds to pray for every person in the whole world that needs help. Somewhere to call home. Clean socks. A warm bed to sleep in every night. Love. 

Wow, this post when somewhere completely different to what I thought..

Until the next post,



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