Hey from Abu Dhabi!

Hey guys! 

The flight from Milan to Abu Dhabi went great. It was a very smooth and peaceful flight, except for near the end where there was a bit of turbulence. It was awesome as well because it was probably 2/3 empty, so we could lie down across 3 or 4 seats and be really comfy!

Currently, we are in one of the lounges at Abu Dhabi airport. I had a hot shower, which was AWESOME!!! It’s really weird sitting here and typing this, and hearing all these Aussies with really ‘g’day mate, wanna come over for a barbie?’ accents.

I’m looking forward to the flight, except that it takes 13 hours, yippee!! I like the food and movies on Etihad, and I’m actually pretty sure that they’ve got a couple of the Hunger Games movies in the in-flight entertainment. If so I’ll be watching them, coz YOLO. 

Kk, I’ll go now, otherwise I’ll probably ramble on for another 15 minutes!!

Until the next *Australian* post,



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