Trip Update and Going to Sydney!


Day 1:


So currently we’re on the bus to Sydney. My brother “J” was going for a concert so mum decided that we’d go up with him, so we could keep him company but also to have a night away.
Anyway… I’m going well in Canberra, although the weather has dropped significantly since before leaving Italy.

It’s been lovely to see everyone again, Abbie and Lucky especially. We took them on a walk yesterday which they really enjoyed! We went past my old school and lots of memories flooded back. I’m really hoping that I’ll able to see some of my friends from around town. Coming back from the walk Abbie and Lucky we’re getting tired so they weren’t pulling on the lead/leash anymore:)

For breakfast I had a slice of really yummy and moist rye bread, made by “J”.

I’ve got an appointment next week at the high school I want to go to. Apparently I’ll get shown around the school and then have a chat with the principal.

I think in Sydney we’ll probably catch the ferry to Manly, and maybe have a dip in the sea:) I’m looking forward to being  there, it should be nice and hot, (26*!).

Arghhhh this bus is so boring! And there’s no wi-fi:(

We’re staying at this place in Sydney that’s kinda like an old nun house, but now they use it as a B&B. It’s not actually that bad. I meant the breakfast isn’t fantastic, it’s like cereal and toast and stuff. We’ll probably eat oit anyway..

So we’re now off the bus and on the ferry to Manly, once we arrive we will get some lunch and probably go to the beach.



So yesterday we went to Manly and were there for probably five hours. We had lunch and and went to the beach which was awesome. Today we had breakfast at Randwick which was where we were staying, I had crepes and a mango smoothie! After breakky we caught the bus to Coogee beach, where I am now. I had a quick dip in the sea and then enjoyed ‘sun frying’ in the shade, hopefully I’m not burnt! We went up to the small hillside on the beach where the was an apparition of the Madonna. Then we caught the bus to Elizabeth st and walked to a small, IGA type store, Igot a cyclone❤️ We arrive in Canberra at 17.30.





Until the next post,



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