Meet our Pets!

Hey guys!

I think that I have mentioned my family’s pets in blog posts before, but I have never actually introduced them to you! So today I will:)


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Lucky: Lucky is a 6 year old black cocker spaniel. Lucky is Abbie’s father. Lucky is very cheeky like his daughter, he enjoys playing and lots of cuddles, he also likes to scoff down his food! He’s a very gentle dog once you get used to knowing him and he loves making new human and doggy friends


Abbie: Abbie is a nearly 2 year old gold spoodle (spaniel x poodle). Her Dad is Lucky. She is very cheeky, and very much enjoys pecking the chickens..even if they don’t. She loves cuddles and playing with us! She is always up to meeting new people if you ever visit Canberra:)


Charlie: Charlie is a female, American (I think), 4 year old (I think) guinea pig. She is very shy but enjoys cuddles. She used to enjoy cuddling up to her sister, Lilly, who very sadly passed way 10 days before christmas:( Other than that, she enjoys eating carrots and celery and running away if she can manage;)


Steve: Steve is a Rhode-Island (I think:) ) chicken, who is new to the ”R” family. She, (yes I know, her name is Steve but she’s a girl), enjoys running around the garden like a crazy unicorn.. she does not, however, enjoy being pecked and pulled and pushed by miss Abbie:)


Icky Vicky: Icky Vicky  is a Rhode-Island (I think) chicken, she is Steve’s sister. She mostly enjoys eating and being pet, however, liked Steve she really enjoys running around in the garden! Vicky likes being a unicorn, but very sadly, doesn’t have a magical horn:(



I hope that you guys enjoyed today’s post!

Please let me know in the comments what sort of blog posts and content you want to see! That would be very helpful x




Until the next post,







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