She waited.

She never came.

Her heart, beating like a drum.


Nothing ever came, not even him.

She was wrong.

She had fallen for it.

She hated herself.

She wanted to drown,

in the river of sorrow and of sin.

He wasn’t worth it,

neither was she.

They crumbled apart like a cookie.

Piece by piece disappeared.

Until nothing was left,

except for her scarred heart.



This poem is about a three-way friendship. Kind of based on something that happened to me. “She” is me who was waiting for “Her” to be her friend again, “He” is the person that was tearing everything apart like an old piece of string. The river of sorrow and of sin is my tears, made up of everything inside me. If you were wondering, that friendship was resolved and thank god (no offence to KM) she (even though in the poem KM was he) left our school. She (MS) are now best friends.


Until the next post,




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