I just wanted to apologise for my lack of posting over these last couple of days. On Saturday my brother Daniel turned 21, (I will put up the Q&A they we did tomorrow.) Then on Sunday and Monday we were very busy saying our goodbyes and packing, packing, packing. 

About the poems, like I said on March 31st, all the poems that I have not posted will be done in bulk on May 1st. 

At the moment, I am in the Al Reem Lounge in Abu Dhabi. Out flight for Milan leaves ar 8.45, so in about 1.5 hours.

The flight from Sydney was great. We were flying an A380 (double decker plane) and the flight took  13.5 hours. I watch 2 and a half movies:) Daddy’s Home, The Lady In The Van and half of the movie Joy. 

It should take about 6-7 hours to get to Milan. The plane from Sydney that we flew on was with Etihad and it was very new so I think we’ll get a bit of a shock on the AlItalia as their planes are quite old sometimes a bit broken. 

Until the next post,



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