The Four Fact Survey📝



 This is my second post of the day as I was unable to post on Friday or Saturday because I was so busy! 

I was sort of nominated to do The 4 Fact Survey✔️✖️by Christine. Her blog is lovely and her always have an amazing vibe if you know what I mean:)

Anyway, let’s get started:) 

The Rules:

Answer the questions

– Nominate 4 people to answer the same questions

Four names people call me other than my real name:


– Cippa

– Chipolata

– Luci

Four jobs I’ve had:

Being a sister, well I always will be!

My brothers masseuse 

Bringing my sister and her friends bacon and eggs in bed

Queen of the Kitchen

Four movies I’ve watched more than once:

Every. Single. Harry. Potter. Movie


Finding Nemo?

Toy Story 2

Four books or authors I reccomend:

John Green

I am Malala
J.K Rowling

The Hunger Games Series

Four places I’ve lived:

My first house in Canberra 

My second house in Canberra

A little town in southern Italy

Where I live now in northern Italy!

Four places I’ve visited:

Abu Dhabi




Four this I’d rather be doing now:

Reading Harry Potter for the first time 

Baking. Or cooking

Hanging out with my siblings 

Playing with my family’s dogs, chickens and our guinea pig, Charlie 

Four foods I prefer not to eat:

Blue cheese / gorgonzola



Four of my favourite foods:

Thai food, I can’t pick just one dish!

Chicken Korma

Trifle, made by my Grandma

Tiramisu, made by my Dad

Four television shows I watch:

My Kitchen Rules

Keeping Australia Alive

SpongeBob SquarePants:)

The ED/ER shows, I especially like the episodes that are filmed in London!

(Sadly, I can’t watch any of these in Italy. But they are a few things that I like watching when I am there!)

Four things I’m looking forward to this year:

The holidays! 37 days of school left:)

 Seeing my brother and his girlfriend for Christmas 

My birthday! Who knows, maybe I’ll get a MacBook;) *Hint Hint Dad*


Four things I’m always saying:

“For Gods sake!”

“Damn it”

“I can’t say I love it..” (In reply to every second person statement, ‘you are just so lucky to live in Italy!’ or ‘and do you love it over there?’) 

“Can I open the TimTams?” 

I nominate:

– Ruby


– Truuty

– Kate Gold

Thank you so much Christine for letting me self-nominate;)  I hope you enjoyed both of today’s post!

Until the next post,


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