R.I.P Grandpa, we love you so very much

Dear Grandpa,

 I don’t really know what to say. It happened so quickly. From when we saw you less than 2 weeks ago, to now. I already miss you very much. Knowing that when I go back to Canberra there won’t be my Grandpa ready to play pontune or give me a big warm hug.
The thing that bothers me most is that I didn’t get to see you after you had passed away, after they tried doing CPR on you for 90 minutes. I wish I could have held your hand, or wiped a tear off your face. 

I remember you teaching me magic tricks, you’d watch with enthusiasm. Waiting for me to get it right. I remember playing pontune with you, watching you laugh when you lost. I remember playing the keyboard for you, jingle bells jingle bells…
Grandpa you will be so very much missed by all of us. I just wish I could give you a hug.

We have been calling everyone and every single person we’ve spoken to has said you were an amazing man. Grandma was telling us that you had been saying ‘I love you’ to each other each night before bed, and that is true. You loved Grandma a lot. You loved us a lot too. But we loved you even more, truly. 

Grandpa I know that God will have already helped you settle into heaven. A world full of happiness and peace, something we can only imagine. Yet you are already there. 

R.I.P Grandpa, we love you.
From Lucia. 

Until the next post,



27 thoughts on “R.I.P Grandpa, we love you so very much

    • Lucia R says:

      Thank you. It was just a really big shock because I came downstairs at 6.45 and my mum and dad were sitting in the couch, that’s when I found out. I will most likely be going to Australia for the funeral, possibly even tonight. However we all knew it was going to happen as he had heart problems for years and he’d actually had a heart attack about 20 years ago but survived.

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  1. A Musing Teen says:

    Grandparents are truly amazing. But somehow, we see them much less than other ppl. Because they are older than us. That makes me so sad. I’m sorry. 😥

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    • Lucia R says:

      Thanks. I know, it’s sort of like you don’t really think about them until you see them or speak to them but when they pass away you sort of regret not seeing them more, even though you saw them at least once a week or something….


      • A Musing Teen says:

        And so many times, they spoil us more than our parents. Most people actually tend to take them for granted. But in fact, they need our support too, just like we need theirs. This is such an emotional topic once you think about it…..

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      • Lucia R says:

        I know. The horrible thing is that there’s that ache in your heart making you feel bad that you didn’t see them more often, even if you actually did. I don’t think I even really thought that he would pass so suddenly, it’s still just so hard to understand, still so raw..


  2. franche says:

    lucia, i miss him so much as well. everyone has been coming over, bringing flowers and crying. we miss him so much as well.
    check your email, there is one from me there.
    can’t wait to see you tomorrow,
    from your cousin, francesca xx

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