Hangoutwithlucia is BACK

Why hello there:)

I am back. Yes, you read that correctly. I have thoroughly enjoyed my 26 day break away. But I’m ready, to face my fears. Just kidding, hahahahahha!

Anyway, I think today is the right day to start. Yesterday the 20th of May, marked exactly 1 month since my dear Grandpa passed away. I was actually on camp so that was good because otherwise I think I would have thought about him too much. I had one teary moment at the souvenir store as I was picking up a postcard to send to him, which I obviously can’t. I still bought it though and will send it to my Grandma.

The past month has gone very quickly for me. When we first got back to Italy I took my Grandpa’s mass booklet to school with me because that comforted me. I also took it along to camp yesterday. It has been a bit of a blur if I’m completely honest. It still doesn’t feel real. I discovered a beautiful treasure of him whilst I was on Dad’s phone looking for photos. It is a 3 minute video of Gramps singing the Fields of Athenry. Each time I listen to it I become quite upset because it doesn’t seem right that he has gone. The video was filmed on his birthday in 2014… less than 2 years ago. Maybe one day I will share the video with all of you.

We went away for camp just for one night. We spent the first half-day in Verona and saw the Arena and the church of St. Zeno. That was good, although it’s a shame it was storming the whole time! We stayed in a little hotel. At about 10pm we went into one of the rooms that some of the boys were staying in and the all of the class (16 kids!) went into the one room and we played truth or dare. One of boys broke a door that was however luckily placed back onto its frame by two of the parents. I didn’t know whether to act serious or laugh so damn hard! In the end, all of us came into our room (Ludovica, Asia and me), because one of the boys vomited in the first room:/ I think I finally went to bed at 12:) On the second day we went to 2 smaller cities, Desenzano and Sirmione. In Desenzano we saw a Roman Villa which was in an amazing condition. There were a lot of mosaics. The guide explained to us that the Romans used to use a big ‘bath’ which was heated from the floor. They used to fill the baths up with very hot water and soak in there. After a while the women would lather themselves in oil mixed with different flowers and scented things such as rose petals. They did this to hide any odours since they did not use any soap. In Sirmione we saw another villa but I found it less interesting. It was also very hot but humid as well because we were right next to Lake Garda which is the biggest lake in Italy. It crosses into three regions! 

I will hopefully see you next week on Friday!
Until the next post,


9 thoughts on “Hangoutwithlucia is BACK

  1. mahjabeen says:

    welcome back!!!!aww, yes, i understand that,my grandfather also died, but that was in 2013. It gets better, but obviously, they’re irreplaceable:)sounds like u had fun!!:D

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