New Month Resolutions


This post was kind of inspired by Chocolatedrops, who did a post on her June bucket list. I really enjoyed reading it so I decided to do something similar for you guys:) 

  • Spend more time outside. Where I live, I think Spring has finally sprung (it sounds so cheesy, I know:/). I want to try and get some more P.A (does that acronym even exist?) done outside, especially doing things like going bike riding.
  • Keeping my room clean. Right now, it’s not looking great. I really should clean it today. I’m just never bothered to put clothes away, even though I have so much spare time at the weekends.
  • Continue to eat healthish. I have started eating a lot healthier (I think!) so I want to continue doing that. I feel so much better as well, since I’m not eating crappy stuff anymore:) 
  • Read, read, read and more reading. I have read 6 books this year, no joke. That is horrible.
  • Save money. I really need to. There are many things I want. A MacBook Air, Zoella Beauty products, Tanya Burr’s new cookbook.. and that’s just to name a few! If anyone has any lifesaving money saving tips, please let me know in the comments:)
  • Reach 100 followers. I know this isn’t really a “resolution” but I feel like it’s very much achievable. I think my current tally is 95! It would mean the absolute world to me if all of you could somehow share my blog around the little blogosphere:)

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! 

What are your resolutions for June? Can you relate to any of mine? Let me know in the comments!

Until the next post,


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