It Happened


Oh my dear god, I actually never thought this would happen. Like seriously, it took me ageeeeeees to get 1 follower, I honestly didn’t think that 6 months later, I would have 105! 

I want to thank literally all of you. In particular Truuty who was my first ever follower, and  Leonimenday (I can’t find your link though!) who is my most recent follower. I really wish I had the time to link all of your amazing blogs, but unfortunately I am not SuperWoman and do not have the patience to type that much on an iPad.

To celebrate I want to do 2 things. The first one has already been mentioned on my last post, and that is that I will be writing up a 100 Follower Q&A, which will probably go up on Wednesday at 6pm (Italy Time). Please feel free to comment below or on my last post as many questions as you like. The second thing I want to do is add together all the likes and comments that I get on this post, and I will write a post with as many facts as I got in likes and comments. So get liking:) 
Again, thankyou all so so much and I appreciate everything you have done for me and my blog! 

(This is my new sign off. It used to be Until the Next Post, Lucia R x, but 100 followers definitely called for a change!)


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