46 Facts About Me!


So on one of my last posts, It Happened, I explained that I was going to sum up all the likes and comments I got from you guys together and write a post with as many facts about me as I got in likes and comments:) There will be a total of 46 facts. Enjoy!

  1. I like to eat raw lemon, including the skin.
  2. I currently have really sore legs from running around too much.
  3. I have kept my bedroom very tidy for nearly 2 weeks.
  4. I am 149cm tall.
  5. I have big feet, I am currently a 39/40 EU or 7/8 U.S women’s. Keep in mind that I’m only 11.
  6. I have not read a lot this year. I really need to though.
  7. I don’t tan, instead I go very red and get lots of freckles.
  8. I had porridge with dates and cinnamon for breakfast this morning.
  9. I own 2 perfumes, Our Moment by One Direction and Wild Pearl by Naomi Campbell.
  10. People tell me that my eyes are different colours. Some people say they’re grey, some people blue and some people green!
  11. I made a poster with pictures of Zoë Sugg.
  12. I have been to Amsterdam and seen the Anne Frank Huis, which is amazing.
  13. I like the taste of coffee.
  14. I’m writing this post at 1.12pm on Wednesday the 15 of June 2016.
  15. I am currently reading Middle School: Going Bush by James Patterson and Martin Chatterton.
  16. I make my bed just before I go to sleep.
  17. I made pancakes for breakfast yesterday.
  18. When I went to South Tyrol last year for Christmas I ate this amazing dish with potatoes and cabbage for breakfast. 
  19. I love to camp.
  20. I went to  the top of the Eiffel Tower.
  21. I went to the biggest water park in the world called Yas Waterworld and its in Abu Dhabi. I reccomend not going on the Liwa Loop unless you like vertically dropping 5 metres in pitch black and getting a hole in your swimmers.
  22. I have a wall in my room dedicated to Harry Potter.
  23. I have re-read the Harry Potter series probably 5-6 times.
  24. It takes me about 3 days of good reading to finish Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. 
  25. I’ve only read EIGHT books this year, that is terrible.
  26. I have more than one nicknames such as; Cia, Luci, Chippa, Chipolata, Chizzle, Love and the list continues 
  27. Quite a few years ago I owned a beautiful grey rabbit named Tubby, she ran away though.
  28. I own one pair of Vans.
  29. I was born on the 5th of October 2004.
  30. I am an 1/8 Scottish.
  31. I am a 1/4 Irish.
  32. I hate licorice.
  33. I love to read.
  34. I used to play soccer, then we came to Italy and no girls play it.
  35. I have 10 cousins, 4 girls and 6 boys.
  36. I’ve never been to Starbucks.
  37. My favourite type of slushy is from 7-Eleven.
  38. I’ve been in a car crash.
  39. I currently have 110 followers.
  40. I made a website once called Where’s That Wobbly Rock, and I’m stupid enough to give you the link. If you go and have a look at it, comment in the guestbook ”They see me wobblin’, they hatin’.”
  41. I gag when I smell seafood.
  42. I have glasses but don’t wear them.
  43. My house in Canberra has five bedrooms, two bathrooms, a lounge room, family room (with T.V), kitchen and a garden.
  44. I have two dogs, two chickens, one guinea pig (the other died) in Australia and one guinea pig in Italy.
  45. My two dogs are a cocker spaniel and a spoodle (spaniel and poodle).
  46. I have brown hair, with natural blonde streaks.
  47. (Bonus Fact!) I am a 1/16 Danish.

OMG, I made it! I hope you enjoyed reading this post, let me know in the comments 3 facts about you:) 


19 thoughts on “46 Facts About Me!

  1. stuparicfb says:

    cia, what on earth is the point of making you bed BEFORE you go to bed?
    guess what Lucia? i have a cousin called Lucia too!!!!!!!!!! and you… sorry SHE is basically all of those things listed above! HOW WEIRD! oh and bob (that is his name now) is still very angry that you didn’t talk to him on that flight… SHAME ON YOU!

    Liked by 1 person

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