Taking a Look Back on my June Resolutions and July’s Resolutions

That may be the longest title I’ve ever written! 

So a while back, I wrote a post called New Month Resolutions. So since we are less than a day away from July, I thought it would be the perfect time to look back on June’s Goals, and set more for July!


The picture above is a screenshot of my June goals!

GOAL 1: I wouldn’t say I completely accomplished this, but I have definitely been spending at least 1-2 hours outside each day. I haven’t become an elite athlete, but have been spending a good amount of time each day running around and getting my heart rate up! 

GOAL 2: Yassss! I have kept my room clean for nearly a month now and I hope to continue doing so. Having a clean room also links into goal n. 5.

GOAL 3: Like goal 1, I have mostly been eating healthily. Recently we have had quite a few visitors recently so there have been more dinners in restaraunts and sneaky gelatos, but other than that I have definitely been eating healthily!

GOAL 4: I’ve done okayish. Since then I’ve read 2 books, but I know that I could have definitely read more.

GOAL 5: As I said in goal n. 2, this links with keeping my room clean. Since having my room clean I’ve been “earning” €5 per week, so I suppose you could say that I have accomplished goal n. 5!

GOAL 6: *Silently Cheers!* I have well and truly achieved this! I reached a hundred followers maybe a week or two ago and my current tally is 121 and I’m very proud!


  • I can’t say I’m happy about only having read 8 books so far this year. I want to read 6 books by the 31st of July. I love reading, it’s Summer Holidays and I have the time, so what’s stopping me?!
  • Each week I want to learn 7 new words, understand what they mean, and hang their definitions up on my wall. All for the simplicity of extending my vocabulary. 
  • Write letters to my family and friends in Australia. I want to write more letters or “snail-mail”, especially to people like my Grandma who isn’t very techno-smart and loves to receive handwritten mail. It’s also just that little bit more special, isn’t it?
  • Make some D.I.Y beauty products. In Australia my cousin Francesca and I loved hanging out together and making various beauty products. It would be cool to make some over here and email her with photos and then maybe she could do the same!
  • Take the time each day to write at least one page in my diary (which is currently blank) talking about what I did that day, if anything special occurred… it would be cool to look back in a years time and see what mischief I got up to;)

So these are my 5 goals/resolutions for July!

Let me know in the comments one of your goals for July! 


17 thoughts on “Taking a Look Back on my June Resolutions and July’s Resolutions

  1. Franny the Granny says:

    I think we really should do those beauty products, and when you come back from italy (when ever that is) we should get together and make some products like we did last time! If you would like book suggestions i have heaps of new books i have read that are really good and i can tell you what they are.

    Liked by 3 people

  2. starlif says:

    I love the idea of making monthly goals! I have never been someone to set goals but I might start doing this as well! I love how you want to try and expand your vocabulary (mine is very limited as well) and I think hanging definitions on your wall is so creative and a great way to learn them. I really love your blog! 😉

    Liked by 2 people

  3. milesmb3 says:

    Monthly goals, great idea! I love beginnings and progress, and this seems like a great way to A) celebrate a new beginning and B) focus on important areas for progress.

    More time outside will definitely be in my August goals. Good for the soul!

    Liked by 2 people

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