Taking a Lookback On My July Resolutions and My New August Resolutions

Sooo, today’s the 2nd of August and I just realised I hadn’t posted in nearly two weeks and I forgot to write my goals post. So I’m doing it today, nearly three days late. Oops.

Screenshot of my July Resolutions:

GOAL 1: I read 0 books in July, I started reading 1 book (The Fault in Our Stars) and for some reason have read it very slowly and I have 97 pages left…

GOALS 2: I learnt 2 new words, and didn’t hang the definitions up on my wall, instead I wrote them on Notes. See below;

GOAL 3: Okay I didn’t honestly do to bad on this. I wrote a letter to my best friend back in Canberra, but haven’t sent it. I also wrote to a penpal in Kentucky, with whom I’ve been writing to for a year or over! I haven’t sent that either.

GOAL 4: I did not make anything:( I baked though… chocolate caramel slice, chocolate biscuits, meringues and sponge cupcakes!

GOAL 5: Yeah, didn’t write in my diary… maybe this month;)


  • Make some new traditions.. I made up the pancake Sunday tradition whick I love doing (and eating!). Maybe Harry Potter Friday and Grandpa’s Magic Saturday’s, on which I’ll learn a new magic trick… bet you didn’t know I could do those, did you!
  • Blog twice a week. I’ve been slack lately, let’s face it. I have a few back-to-school ideas in mind so let me know if you’d like to see those.
  • Read a book a week.  I need to read. Maybe a book a week will work:)
  • Write the story for Harry Potter, 99 years later. There you go, that’s gonna be my novel;)
  • Continue skyping my friends in Australia. I Skyped Maddie the other day, we talked for 2 hours, 2 hours! But it’s also fun. And my friends update me on school and the latest news:) 
  • Go swimming 3-5 times a week. I like doing it for fun, but it’s also amazing exercise. Plus it cools me down during the heat!
  • Write a full on bucket-list, to complete in a year. And I’ll update you along the way!!

So those are my gold for August, let me know your goals for August in the comments:)


4 thoughts on “Taking a Lookback On My July Resolutions and My New August Resolutions

  1. Maria Murphy says:

    Luci! I’m exhausted just reading this! Sounds like you are doing lots of cooking of yummy treats! You might have to go swimming and running five times a week if you keep cooking things like that…… unless of course you are giving them away to your friends! Well done for setting such great goals and achieving so many of them!

    My goal for this week is to finish spring cleaning my bedroom. It has taken me three weeks! Then Phil and I have to move all of our furniture and paintings into the garage as we are having the house painted and the floors re-sanded and polished while Phil, Jack and Charlie are overseas. Phil is very excited about this and it will be his mum’s 70th birthday while they are over there.

    Life is busy at the moment with wirk, family and uni. I am having to go to Muswellbrook every second weekend to see participants for my research. The PhD is going well and I will soon have to write my first research paper! Yikes!

    Jack and Sam are busy as ever with soccer and Charlie has just started an art class on a Friday afternoon which he loves. He’s decided he doesn’t really like tap dancing that much but will keep going until the demonstration day at the end of this year!

    Nanna and I went to Rhiannon’s graduation a couple of weeks ago on the Gold Coast. It was great to catch up with everyone. Did you hear that Rhiannon already has a job as a paediatric dietitian? She is very excited!

    Charlie had his sixth birthday a couple of weeks ago. He told me that he loves Gracie very much because she gave him the hungry hippos game. That’s all he wanted for his birthday except for an iPad which he was never going to get!

    I better go and start getting school lunches ready Luci! Talk soon petal!


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    • Lucia R says:

      Wow, your household sounds busy! Hahhahaha yeah maybe I should stop baking for a while, it’s hard when I’ve got a new cookbook though! I’ve made some healthier mains though recently. I’m sure your bedroom was looking a lot better than mine was 2 months ago! When do they leave for the U.K? Is it Charlie and Jack’s first time in England? That’s a long way to go, it must be tiring. Sounds like the boys are having fun, Charlie would be loving doing art! Yes I heard about Ran! She couldn’t stop talking about her job opportunities whilst she was over here. We were in Urbania for Charlie’s birthday so didn’t get to call him as we didn’t have wifi. Let him know that we all hope he had an awesome day and ate lots of cake:) How is Grace going? That’s funny that Charlie wanted an iPad, tell him to come to my old school in Canberra and in year 4 he can have an iPad!!

      Lucia, x.


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