Helping Those In Need

Hello everybody! Again, sorry for not many posts over the last month or so.. school is my excuse! 

So, there’s this homeless guy, who has a dog, who we’ve often seen in our area. Recently, it’s started to get really cold, especially in the morning and evening/night. Each morning, Dad drives me to school because there’s no school bus, I leave at 7.40am so it’s really early and cold, and often this man (who I now know his name) is sitting outside of the Municipio (town hall). I feel really sorry for him, when most people are sitting inside in their warm cosy houses, he’s sitting outside in the rain with hi source if heat or anything really to keep him warm.. so Mum and I were walking home from our favourite Gelateria, we saw him again outside of the municipio setting up his “bed”. When mum and I got home I told dad and so I ended up making him a hot choclate. Dad and I walked down stairs to the town hall, piazza area and he was still awake so we gave him the hot chocolate. He was so grateful, and we learnt a fair bit about him and his dog of course. We found out his name, his dogs name and how old his dog was. But he said one thing which made me really sad, because unfortunately in the world there’s some pretty horrible people, he said this; “I always wonder why people like you, help me”. He wasn’t saying this in a rude way, but in a greatful way, as if we’re superior to him. Which is not correct. Nobody is superior than you, or me, or him. Everybody is human, everybody whether you like it or not has a story, a meaning, a reason that they were brought to the world. So next Lent, I’m not going to give anything up, but each day I’m going to do a random act of kindness to anyone, because maybe that one bit of happiness, that one bit of warmth on a cold, windy day, will make it just a bit better.
Lucia, x.


16 thoughts on “Helping Those In Need

  1. Debbie says:

    Great lesson Lucia … there are far more nice people in the world than people who want to hurt others and it is important that we don’t let fear hold us back. Keep up those random acts!

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  2. Tasya Sabrina says:

    Hey Lucia, it was very nice of you to help him, I also wish I could’ve done something similar here, but the situation is different and nowadays these people who are ‘homeless’ aren’t actually homeless, they just want pity, food, and money. So sad. 😦

    Anyway, I found you through SacconeJoly’s video and I decided to check out your blog. AWESOME. I got a bit Post-Potter depression though seeing Harry’s name on header. Ahaha, but no need to worry because Fantastic Beasts is coming up soon, are you going to see it?

    Tasya Sabrina of

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    • Lucia R says:

      Hi there! Yes, where I live too there are “homeless people” which is really sad because there are people that do need help, not them:( I absolutely love the SacconeJolys.. I discovered them through Zoella and have never stopped watching them! Bring on 6pm:) I know it’s sad that the series is finished now, but the silver lining is that books never die so Harry will always be with us, in here➡️❤️. I don’t think I’ll be able to Fantastic Beasts since I don’t live in the U.K, I would love too though!


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