Spanish With Lucia

¡Buenos Días chicas! ¿Cómo estás? Muy bien:)

I had an idea. What if each week I teach you all something in Español? Like each week I learn in Spanish, so why can’t I share the amazing things I learn, with all of you😂 Pretending you like this idea, today’s topic will be… saludar y despedirse!
¡Hola!- Hello

¡Buenos Días! (Hasta las 14)- Good Day (Until 2pm)

¡Adiós!- See you later

¡Hasta Mañana!- See you in the morning

¡Chao!- Hi!

¡Buenas tardes! (De las 14 a las 20)- Good afternoon (from 2pm until 8pm)

¡Buenas noches! (Después de las 20)- Goodnight (from 8pm) 

¡Hasta luego!- See you later 

¡Hasta pronto!- See you soon

These are some basics greetings in Spanish, you can find could websites like WordReference that will give you a correct pronunciation, as it varies from different countries. 

¡Buenas noches, chica! 

Lucia x


5 thoughts on “Spanish With Lucia

  1. lucia says:

    Haha great idea! You actually remind me of my friend Lucia (same spelling different pronunciation) who is a fluent Spanish speaker. I would always ask her que pasa because that’s all I know XD

    Liked by 1 person

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