Please Be a Nightmare

I’m 12 years old, don’t know much about politics, but what I do know is that 1; no human in their right minds would vote for Trump, and 2; that is is impossible in every single way to be worse than Trump.

I’m not American, but I feel that everything that the United States has ever worked for is just being dropped out of a plane without a parachute. 

I know people always say to work by yourself, especially in school, but for once, I think the whole world is going to be better off if somebody does Trump’s work for him. Do the people that voted for him, maybe they’re members of your family, or friends, realise that they’ve just elected somebody that thinks the current President and Hillary Clinton created I.S.I.S, do they realise they’ve elected someone that wants to build a wall against their neighbours? With everything that’s already wrong with the world we live in today, do some people of America just want to add to that? Why would anyone want somebody to be teaching young children and adults, that racism, abuse or assault is something to be proud of? Trump is not normal, and neither are the decisions of the people that elected him. 

Excuse me, I’ll have to go, think I need to vomit. 

Lucia, x.


10 thoughts on “Please Be a Nightmare

  1. castlesandpens13 says:

    Hi Lucia! I just wanted to respond to your comments, if that’s ok!
    I’m an American and my family supports Donald Trump. I know it seems crazy from the outside, not to mention all the celebrities and the media that like to make it seem crazy to support Trump, but…it’s not as crazy as it seems. I respect your opinion, but here’s why we voted Trump.
    As Americans, the middle working class has become neglected by the government–the country has become less democratic as political elitists don’t have the people’s best interest at heart anymore, and by the people, I mean the middle working class Americans. We make up the majority, truthfully–the regular working people. The past eight years have been pretty hard. Obamacare raised medical costs extensively, we don’t feel protected with open borders (truly, is it really okay to let anyone in without being vetted?) We live in an area mostly consisting of that illegal immigration and we witness a lot of the problems first hand. I know, Trump has said really stupid stuff that could be worded so much better, but he isn’t racist. The middle working class Hispanics actually vote Trump. I have a friend who is Hispanic, and her family actually worked at a Trump headquarters.
    In regards to some of the allegations made against Trump: what he has done in the past is wrong. But, has Trump done anything recently? The tape released was from ten years ago. Bill Clinton didn’t get in trouble for actually doing inappropriate things; Trump has only said things. Can we even prove those making accusations against are true? One person denied one of the victim’s claims already. It doesn’t mean Trump is like this now.
    As far as his comments about ISIS, I don’t recall him saying they created ISIS, but I do know Obama isn’t doing much to stop ISIS, and Clinton, who has shown her capabilities as Secretary of State, won’t do anything either, and that scares me.
    Our decisions were fairly normal–Trump speaks to the working class. We want our rights (like the 2nd amendment). We want people to emigrate and become American (I definitely don’t think all Mexicans are criminals, and Trump wasn’t saying this either), and we know the legalization process is very difficult, so we hope Trump will make this better.
    At the same time, Hillary won’t do anything for the regular hardworking Americans. She has lied. She just doesn’t have our best interest at heart. She’s divisive, just like Obama was. The shootings we’ve had: what has Obama done to prevent them? Nothing. He just uses it as a political platform, which solves nothing sadly. The American people want the country to go in a new direction, and trust me, we want unity very much so. Trump isn’t politically experienced, but that doesn’t make him unqualified. I didn’t always fully support Trump, and I still don’t, but he is the chance some of us have been waiting for. I haven’t seen what he will do in office. It could go one way or the other. I know what Hillary will do, and I’d rather like to avoid that. I’m putting my trust in God that the results of this election really mean something for Americans positively.
    I don’t mean to be rude, but we are educated people who know what we voted for 🙂 Thank you for your post!

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    • Lucia R says:

      Hi! Thank you for up your comment! Yeah as I said in my post I haven’t done any research or anything, nor do I think Hillary would be a good person to elect either. Today, we should all be eligible to express our own opinions, and that’s why I made this post. I most definitely wasn’t trying to offend anyone, such as your family for example. I just hope that what I think about Trump isn’t as bad compared to what he actually is. We all have our positive and negative qualities, and I think that to a lot of people, more so outside of America, Trump’s negative qualities stood out a lot more than his positive. I’m not sure what positive qualities he does have though.. Thank you so much for your comment though! I really enjoyed hearing the opinion of the opposite side:)

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      • castlesandpens13 says:

        Completely understandable! I totally respect your opinion, I just wanted to respond 🙂 I wasn’t offended at all–so many people dislike Trump and don’t understand why he even got to be one of the nominees (I was one of those people!) and he does look very negative sometimes, but what he stands for is positive to us (and also we really didn’t want Hillary to win). I hope things turn out for the better come January!

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      • Lucia R says:

        Yes so do I! I just hope that he will keep his word and have you, and all other Americans at his best interest. In your previous comment I think you mentioned checking to make sure who’s coming into your country. I completely agree with that but I just hope that people don’t become close minded and think that all Muslims, or all refugees, or anything like that should be classed into one group, A.K.A terrorists. I also hope that LBGT community is not affected a lot by the election. The silver lining is that if he is as dumb as a lot of people think he is, he will only be president for four years, and then somebody else can be elected. I just hope your country stays safe, and that Canada doesn’t become as over populated as China!

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      • castlesandpens13 says:

        Of course! We don’t want to be that way towards those that really want to live in American and become U.S. citizens. That’s why I said I hope Trump makes the legalization and vetting processes easier and more effective 🙂 We’ll just have to see what happens. Tbh I haven’t heard Trump really talk much about LGBT. He’s not your typical Republican, mind you. So I really don’t know. And thank you! Those celebrities were probably joking about Canada xD I haven’t seen anyone move just yet!

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  2. Fran_ says:

    Hey cia, I couldn’t believe it when Trump got elected but I am now just hoping that we are only seeing the negatives and that there are lots of positives that Trump is going to show us soon.
    F xx

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