Diary Entry n.1

So I slept in this morning, until about 8.40. I stayed in bed for a while scrolling through blog posts and catching up on YouTube videos and then headed downstairs. I had breakfast and then just lounged around and did a bit of homework. Then my Mum, Dad and I headed to a lake. Dad ran around it and Mum and I just hung around the park. We found a flying fox and I nearly killed myself; I’d jumped onto the swing part and it was like 30cm away from hitting the big wooden pole. After all of that Mum and I went to the bookshop to buy a present. We got home and I had a yoghurt and then I went to a birthday party. Towards then end of the party I got really itchy and watery eyes because I have an allergy to various things, including some cats. My eyes puffed out and I couldn’t see properly out of them. When we got home I had a hot shower in attempt to get rid of anything disturbing my eyes. Then I had dinner. I headed back upstairs and started to tidy my room because I’m looking after a dog tomorrow and will have to do homework so I don’t want him to chew on everything! Then I wrote this:) 
Lucia, x.


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