Happy Sunday!

I woke up this morning at 7.40 and stayed in bed for a while, again. Then I headed down stairs and made some pancakes for breakfast. I make them every Sunday and use a different recipe each week. After breakfast, which I had around 9.30 I went upstairs to finish cleaning my room and did a tiny bit of homework. At around 12.30 the people who own the dog we were looking after came over and dropped him off. Mum and I headed off for coffee with Repa and had an entertaining time listening awkwardly to a young couples relationship issues. 

Then we headed home and I had lunch. I then proceeded to do a bit more homework but this time with a ball of cuteness sitting on my lap. Some of my Dad’s friends had come over from Australia so we spent the afternoon with them. First we went to the supermarket and picked up a few things. Mum and I waited outside and Repa was being very cute and sat on me and rested his head on mum’s lap. Then we headed to a town on Lake Maggiore and were there for a few hours. We walked around and I had a few races with Repa. Then we went home and I went upstairs again to finally finish my homework due for tomorrow. At 6.00pm I had to feed Repa so I did that and he was very cute waiting for me to give it. Not to long after his owners came over again and picked him up which was sad but we couldn’t keep him forever (but I wish we could)! I had a tea and then started more homework due later on in the week. Then I had dinner, chicken fried rice. I made dessert and mixed vanilla ice cream up with some cocoa powder until it was creamy and then served it with banana! Delish! I had a shower and then watched a bit of YouTube and am now heading to bed since I have school tomorrow, so depressing!
Lucia, x.


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