Oh the joy of waking up when it’s pitch black. I woke up at around 6.50 and stayed in bed until about 7.15. I got dressed, grabbed my bag and then headed down stairs. I made breakfast, and being Aussie, I had Vegemite on toast. Delicious:) Dad drove me to school at around 7.45 for me to be there at 7.50ish. It was a light day,  two hours of anthology, two hours of art, an hour of Spanish and finally an hour of English. Since it was Wednesday, it was a short day so I finished school at 1.25. Dad came to pick me up and I went home to have lunch. After lunch, at around 2.15 I went to my Dad’s work because each Wednesday I have an Italian lesson. My teacher used to do Italian with me but now we mainly do homework. I finished my lesson around 4.00 and then I walked home with Mum. I watched a bit of Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone since our DVD player is finally functioning. Then I did even more homework, mainly music and geography.  Dad came home at 6.30 and we went straight to the school/office supply shop because I needed to buy tracing paper for part of my homework. When we got home we had dinner, spaghetti bolognese with veggies. I was on YouTube and WordPress for a bit then had a shower. I’m going to pack my bag and then head to sleep:) 
Lucia, x.


13 thoughts on “Diary Entry N.3 COLD AND EARLY MORNINGS

  1. mahjabeen says:

    whats vegemite??? annddd wow!your day sounds sooooo nice and short:) we start at 8:20 and finish at 3:30!!who doesnt love a bit of harry potte rin their day lol?

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