7:03: I woke up to the peaceful sounds of not wanting to get up. Just kidding, they were emergency alarm bells going off inside of my head telling me that school was going to start soon, and that I wasn’t sick, so I had to get out of bed.

7:20: Was when my feet began to shift ever so slightly out of bed and I slid out as gracefully as a swan. I’m kidding. I don’t know how to describe myself getting out of bed. The next challenge I faced was changing from my warm and soft pyjamas into clothes that I can wear to school. Finally I grabbed my schoolbag and sports bag, went downstairs and dumped them both on the couch.

7:30: I made breakfast which again was Vegemite on toast. If you’re wondering, Vegemite is this: 

“Vegemite is a thick black Australian food spread made from leftover brewers’ yeast extract with various vegetable and spice additives”. It’s also really salty but also really yummy so… 
7:45: I left for school. Nothing else to say.

7:45-4:10: School. P.E, Geography, Music, Religion, Geometry and Arithmetics. In P.E. we had to run 5 meters 10 times so 50 metres. I did it in 21:98 (seconds obviously) and beat some boys and quite a few girls. Then I got my Geography results back, I got 7/10 which I’m happy with, a few people got like 4. I also got 7 in Music. At lunch, 12:30, I found out I’d brought the wrong lunch but I ate it anyway and then Dad came and brought me the actual lunch, and he’d heated it up. So lunch was a success.

4:30-5:00: I watched more Harry Potter and drank a tea. If you wish to see the events happening you can add me on Snapchat, chippolatah. 

5:00-7.30: I did most of my homework and also had dinner in the middle. I’m glad I’ve done most of it because now I won’t have to waste my weekend๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ‘ 

7:30-now: I had a shower, and wrote this blog post. I’m now going to pack my bag and if I have time maybe read a chapter of my book. Also I found this, and laughed really really hard! 

Let me know if you prefers the layout like this or how I’d previously been doing it:)
Lucia, x.


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