All I want for Christmas….

Hi everybody! 

Today I thought I’d share with you my Christmas Wishlist! There’s a fair few thins to show you so let’s get started!

1. A MacBook. I know, I’ve mentioned this so many time but I just really want one. They just look so amazing, and I’ll need one for school so… my sister also recently bought one and made me so jealous! She’s a lot older than me (she’s 23, I’m 12) and has a job and can buy stuff that I just dream of in a distant land. Oh well. I’ll have money someday.. I hope!

2. A new backpack. I currently have an old one, which is like stained and has a hole in it. Before it I had another backpack which I got for Christmas 2014 but because of the amount of books I had in it it broke:( I really like the brand Eastpak but they’re fairly expensive:/

3. A Christmas/Winter mug. I lurrvvvve tea and also hot chocolate and there are some mugs that are just too cute! 

4. Adidas Superstars! So many people have them, but I really like them and they go with everything. I currently have a fairly new pair of black Nikes and love them but they don’t match very well with blue/wash/denim jeans:( They look amazing though with black jeans or leggings!

5. An electric mixer or KitchenAid. I absolutely love to bake, but currently (in Italy) we only have a pretty cheap hand mixer. Although they work pretty well for their size, the beaters are starting to come apart a bit and they’re not great for larger cakes.

6. Some Cadbury chocolate. This is my favourite chocolate ever, but you can’t buy it in Italy:( However, there’s a website called the  British Cornershop where you can buy lots of British and international food. It even has Vegemite! The website is aimed for expats who miss different foods that aren’t available in whatever country they’re in. 
This is my Wishlist for the moment! What do you want for Christmas?
Lucia, x.


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