BLOGMAS DAY 3- My Christmas ASOS Wishlist Under $40

Hello everybody and welcome to Blogmas Day 3!! Todays post is going to be my Christmas Wishlist from ASOS. If you enjoy this post, and would like to see another wishlist of some sort, let me know in the comments:) P.S all the prices are in Australian Dollars


Image result for Brave Soul Reindeer Christmas Jumper

This is the Brave Soul Reindeer Christmas Jumper and is SO cute! I really like how the colours stand out against the white material and the fact that Rudolph is on it!! This is $29.98.


Image result for brave soul penguin christmas jumper

Another by Brave Soul, this is their Penguin Dance Christmas Jumper. I LOVE this, and not just because it has grey and black in it, which for clothes are probably my favourite colour. The penguin is meant to be ‘dancing’ but I actually think that he looks like he’s ice skating! So cute<3 This is also $29.98.


Image result for ASOS CHRISTMAS T-Shirt With Santa Squad Print



This t-shirt is ASOS’ own brand, and it’s titled, Christmas T-shirt with Santa Squad. I actually think this is so amazing! The elves on the top look as if they’re struggling with all the presents and I just can’t get enough of it! This costs $27.33.


Image result for ASOS penguin tee and short pyjama set

Now, although I wouldn’t wear this at Christmas time in Italy, because it is way to cold, but this pyjama set is perfect for when I go back home to Australia, where we have Christmas in the Summer (which by the way I LOVE). I think the pyjamas are very simple, (and include grey!) and you could easily get away with wearing them all through Spring and Summer! These pyjamas cost $39.04.


Image result for ASOS gingerbread slippers

Again by ASOS, these are their NEWLYBREADS Christmas Gingerbread Slippers. Honestly, on a scale of 1-10 how cute are these! The material looks really comfortable and soft, and then Mr and Mrs Gingerbread are so adorable! I love the fact that ASOS have made it look like Mrs Gingerbread (that sounds so weird, even though I didn’t even say it, I typed it) is holding a candy cane. These are $27.33.


Image result for daisy street christmas naughty nice sweater

This is the Naughty Nice Sweater by Daisy StreetNaughty Nice Sweater by Daisy Street. I lurvvve it because it’s a really simple Christmas Jumper and I think it would be perfect for people who don’t like Christmas much but are obliged by people like me to wear one;) Again, the material looks really nice so I think that it would be a good buy! This jumper is $35.14.



So that’s it for the wishlist, I hope you enjoyed reading it! Let me know your favourite item from it and be sure to tell me if you’d like to see more ‘wishlist’ posts over Blogmas!


Lucia, x.







18 thoughts on “BLOGMAS DAY 3- My Christmas ASOS Wishlist Under $40

  1. Jags says:

    You have no idea how good it is to finally have a post using Australian dollars. It’s so tedious to have to convert everything from US dollars or British pounds. Love the penguin jumper and gingerbread slippers, they’re so cute! Would love to see another post like this šŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

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