BLOGMAS DAY 6- Christmas Traditions

HELLO EVERYBODY AND WELCOME TO BLOGMAS DAY 6! Today I’m sharing some of my family’s Christmas traditions!

For Christmas, we always have a big lunch with my mum’s family, since my dad’s family live interstate. Up until a few years ago, it was always hosted at my grandparents house, but nowadays it varies. For lunch we always have a roast, usually pork. Then we have lots of roast vegetables like potato, sweet potato, pumpkin…

Another tradition is that after we’ve eaten, most of us go to the oval and have a game of barefoot soccer. Usually it’s me, my brothers, my Dad, my uncles, my three cousins and Grandpa, but this year he sadly won’t be able to play, but I know he’ll be cheering on from above.

Something else we do is camping. Usually on Boxing Day (December 26) my dad, uncle, brother, some of my dads friends and I go camping to a beautiful campsite called Woods Reserve. We spend 4-5 days there swimming in the river, doing bushwalks and eating way too many marshmallows!

Probably one of the last traditions we have is making rumballs. Rumballs are absolutely delicious, they’re made from rum, condensed milk, cocoa powder, arrowroot biscuits and desiccated coconut. I often make them with my Grandma or my cousin who is basically one of my best friends, we are the same age and have the same interests:)

I think that’s all of my family’s traditions:) Let me know in the comments one of yours! I’ll see you all again tomorrow for Blogmas Day 7!


Lucia, x.


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