BLOGMAS DAY 8- My Christmas Wishlist

Hello Everybody and welcome to BLOGMAS DAY 8! Today I’m sharing my “official” Christmas Wishlist, I did one a few weeks ago but there wasn’t much thought in it so I though I’d make a better one;) Enjoy!

The first thing on my list is the Zoella Beauty Secret Scenta Fragrance Kit. As much as I would love to, I’ve never actually bought any Zoella Beauty products:/ However, I saw this, and thought that it looked beautiful. In the set, you get four mini body mists, and they all look amazing!

The next thing on my list is the Snowball Tea From Bluebird Tea Co. it actually looks divine. The main flavours are ceylon, chcolate, coconut and marshmallows. That’s right, there are marshmallows in this tea. Perfection, that’s what I re-name this tea. The website says to enjoy it with or without milk, and there is even a vegan option for those that need it:)

The next this is The Original Marshamllow Toasting Kit by The Naked Marshmallow Company. I saw this on Zoe’s gift guide under Ā£20 video and thought it was so cute! I know, I don’t need a kit to roast marshmallows, but you can buy some really awesome flavours (like Salted Caramel!) and it comes with a non-toxic gel fire pot which you can re-use:) 

Something I wouldn’t usually buy is a book like this; The Curated Closet by Anuschka Rees, is basically a book about finding your personal style, building the perfect wardrobe for you and tips on decluttering! I definitely need a few tips on decluttering, I’m a very sentimentally attached person so if I get a dress for example, I won’t want to get rid of it  even if I have no use with it and it doesn’t fit me anymore. I just become attached no matter what the object and accumulate way too much stuff! 

This is another Zoella Beauty product, Hungry Hands is basically a ginger and vanilla hand cream perfect for winter and Christmas time. It has shea butter and vitamin E so is great for dry, cracked hands during the winter months! It’s also good for travellers since it’s under 100ml, meaning you can take it in carry on luggage!

Another Winter must have, this is Burt’s Bees Beeswax Lip Balm. My lips, like my hands, become very dry and cracked during Winter. Although I have so many different lip balms lying around, I feel like Burt’s Bees will never fail you! (Is there actually a guy called Burt that farms bees? How weird..!)

The next thing is The Fujifilm Instax Mini 8. I have wanted one of these for so long, probably close to three years now! I originally wanted one to take photos of monuments and cities whilst travelling that I could then glue onto my travel diary, but now I would probably use it to take photos with friends and family and then pin the pictures onto a corkboard. The camera itself is a good price, but unfortunately, the film to actually take the pictures with costs an arm and a leg!

I know, my parents aren’t going to buy me this, but I thought it was worth putting in this post since I am doing a WISHlist! MacBooks are just perfection. They are extremely sturdy, so would last me at least until I begin University and it would be perfect to write blog posts with! I’m attempting to save up for one, but I’ve saved like $100 and need $1500šŸ˜‚

Next are these Decorating Storage Pots By Zoella Lifestlye. They are absolutely adorable and would be perfect for stooping things like pens and pencils. The design is very cute and overall I just thing that they’re great:)

I apologise, but this couldn’t be a Wishlist without including a Lush product! This is The Santa’s Belly Shower Jelly. HOW CUTE IS THAT? Shower jellies are basically a thing you can use in the shower or bath, it’s basically like shampoo and body wash mixed together and made into a jelly. Lush has different scents, but this one specifically smells of bergamot and rose which is delish!

Adidas Superstars. I honestly think that these shoes are the new Converse! So many people wear them, and for good reason… Just how beautiful are they! They go with everything and are perfect for everyday wear. They are a bit more than you’d pay on the average shoe, at $130 Australian from the official Adidas shop but are so worth it! 

The last thing on my list is this, it’s A Mermaid Blanket. Like how cool is that! In winter I just love sitting on the couch and watching Harry Potter and I always get a bit chilly so this would be perfect! The material looks so soft as well!

I hope you enjoyed seeing what I want for Christmas! What do you want to receive this month? Let me know in the comments:)
Lucia, x.



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