BLOGMAS DAY 10- Travelling To Reggio Nell’Emilia

Hello everybody and WELCOME TO BLOGMAS DAY 8! 

Today my parents, my brother and I travelled to a town about two hours away from where I live. Tomorrow, my Dad is doing his first marathon so we came to Reggio Nell’Emilia for that reason:)

So we left the town that I live in around 9 A.M. The trip like I said earlier, took about 2.5 hours. A few of my dad’s friends are also doing the marathon so we spent most of the day with them. We walked around town for a while and then found a pizza by the slice shop and had that for a fairly late lunch. Mine had potato and sausages, yum! Mum, Jeremy and I then headed to H&M since I needed to buy some gloves, I lost my old pair last year I think! We got my gloves and then continued to walk around the city, until we reached the area where dad got his marathon shirt and number. We were there for a fairly long time, whilst we went and looked at the sponsors stalls and dad collected a few things for the race tomorrow.  We then walked home, in the freezing cold. Once we arrived back at the B&B I had a shower to warm up and then I did my Spanish homework:) At 7.50 P.M we walked to the place where dad’s friends are staying and then walked to dinner, which was at a pizzeria. I had a margherita base (tomato and mozzarella) and salami and rocket as my toppings. We then walked back to the B&B and I finished writing this! Tomorrow mum, Jeremy and I are going to walk around whilst dad is running and I think I might go ice skating as well:)
I hope you enjoyed Blogmas Day 10, sorry it was a bit short!
Lucia, x.


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